Utilizing the Excel 2000Powder Spray Booth, we at Knickerbocker create beautiful, high-quality powder coatings with efficiency. This top of the line machine follows the Nordson standard of field proven design.

Investment Benefits

Our machines boast advanced cartridge-filter technology applying powder coating to even the most contoured part with ease. This, along with the aerodynamic canopy design and collector modules, grants us the ability to not only deliver beautiful parts, but keep turnaround times quick and prices low.

Design Criteria

Power Coating Type

Hybrid Polyster

Designed Conveyor Speed

6 fpm

Conveyor System Type


Average Coating Thickness

3  mils

Product Temperature

80 °F

Maximum Product Width

18 inches

Maximum Product Height

84 inches

Profile End Opening

2’6″ wide x 8′ high