About Us

Knickerbocker has been in the metal home furnishings business for over 100 years. Founded on the key principals of creating quality products and providing the highest level of customer service, Knickerbocker quickly became a recognized household name in the Tri-State area.

Today, we have expanded our industrial offerings to include state of the art powder coating for any application. Our engineers and factory staff are dedicated to ensuring every project is managed and completed to your utmost satisfaction, as if it were our very own.

Why Knickerbocker?

Knickerbocker is committed to delivering an outstanding finished product at a competitive price. We have the finest most up to date machinery available in the powder coating industry. We also have the best highly trained and personable staff that can help our clients accomplish all of their goals in a timely and cost efficient manner. No project is too large and no request is too small.

Our Quality

We have invested in the latest up to date technology in powder coating available in the market place today. The efficiency and quality of our machinery is unparalleled. This ensures that our projects can be completed in the fastest time possible with the highest level finishes. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with the finished result.